Modulo: “a small measure,” the elusive trace, the final remainder that survives the operation and what the operation, all the systems and the dividing, ends up being all about. It is that necessarily vague, impalpable property that begins and animates, deviates, destroys and redeems. It is what is human about the things we make, what lets them stand apart as themselves, and what of us is left over in them: the mark that we have made.

Our intention is to create a space for these evidences, a place where they can coexist and find a voice. We are looking for work, both textual and visual, that stands out and is uniquely itself. In order to best realize what we have in mind—that is, a platform that is updated often with new work as it comes in, on a weekly basis—Modulo exists both online as well as in print in order to circulate it as best and as widely as possible.

We want your poems, short stories, essays and other reflections. Visually, we are looking for photography, painting, collages, etc. (however, keep in mind it will be published in b&w). We accept up to 4 poems at a time, or prose no longer than 5 pages.

Please submit your work to


The Editors.


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  1. Chris Setter Says:

    i like this

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