“Crocodile Dundee” by Kevin Yatsko

Crocodile Dundee by Kevin Yatsko


would be a better movie if there were more nudity.

Was there any at all?


There was a naked crocodile, that’s what I was counting.

You don’t see Crodcodile Dundee’s butt, or anything?


He’s in the bathtub at some point I think,

the scene where she shows her leg, but there’s not, no.


He just didn’t know what to do with himself when he came to New York did he?


he didn’t fit in at all, it was as if he had never even been anywhere.


He hadn’t been anywhere.


Where does your fish out of water story take place? Um,

where does it take place?

I don’t know,


Germany? Underwater?

I think one time I was in Germany very briefly




and it felt weird,

but I was really sick too.

So Germany, maybe Germany?


I think mine would be underwater, doesn’t it make sense, fish out of water

person in water, person into water, my person into water story.


Or into outer space,

where does yours take place?

Where doesn’t it take place?

Because you’re never out of water, or you’re not a fish,


wait, my fish out of water story

takes place in Mexico.

That’s where you would act like Crocodile Dundee did in New York?

That’s what I did, it happened, when you break out of your shame.

When did you break out of your shame?


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