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October 30, 2010

“Bovary” by Olivia Mardwig


Her eyes, what’s left of the room,

look darkly towards the song beside her,


the song that is beyond

this bed and has no face.


Her body dismounting

what is human, still,


waiting in the velvet hour,


in farewells, exaggerated breaths

becoming air-filled, dry chalk


tongue casting words and spit

like webs, left to rain.



Spring found us early.


The pollen falling into the bay

unto chimneys falling lightly,


the earthly senses

as with birds, rises up


above the water,

turning like pages.


October 30, 2010

“Neither came I with A Burden Home” by Jesse Littlejohn

………………..after Lord Alfred

My rooms are closed in a book, in the haven

of a heaven left on earth, and a leaf is falling here;

on every page I gather up the staves, the stud-shafts; I find my bed.

Thunder from an ancient ocean; percussion from an ancient war;

I open up the lightning in a room of lightning; in rooms of moss cut moss;

try doors to different woods, to different plains; I weigh my arms

…..with fair grasses;

I weigh my arms with fair rains. I make heavier my burden

in each place.