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In other news…

December 19, 2010

So, first of all, happy holidays!

Ho ho ho!

Good news! Mike had a few modest sections from his poem “Of Breaths and Days” published over at NYU’s The Minetta Review, though he’s worried about the loss of formatting (…), what a loser! Also, look forward to mini-essays to appear over the holidays on such fun subjects as e-readers, contemporary painting, James Franco and the cavification of Manhattan. Stay tuned, modulators!


photo me, photo you

December 2, 2010

Call for photography! Send your light to

The New Yorker Building, NYC, 2008

Frankisches Freiland Museum, DE, 2008

"Discourse on Inclement Weather (Joke Title)," 2008

The Eagle's Nest, Bavarian Alps, 2008

“NZ,” 2007

"Ecuadorian Delegation at the Birthplace of Galo Plaza," 2009

"Schönbuch," 2008

Fireworks, Stuttgart, New Years 2009-2010