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May 1, 2011

Vaihingen 6; Vaihingen, DEU; June 2008

As you can see, MODULOmag has been been pretty (that is to say, totally) quiet these past few months. This has been due to complications in the lives of the editors – in particular, Mike’s continuing (and worsening) health issues. Hence we feel it is important to officially announce that we are taking a hiatus from the journal until further notice, probably until the end of the summer. We plan to bring out a print journal of the fine work that MODULOmag has accrued over the last months around the August time-frame, and to host a reading then as well. E-mail us at if you’d like to be notified of any news. We are extremely thankful to all the contributors and are honored to have been able to read, discuss and publish their wonderful work. Thank you, and wish us luck!

Have a great summer!

-The Editors