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March 20, 2012


MODULO Nr.1 | Front Cover


Service Updates

March 20, 2012

Olivia has been doing free-lance work for Power Poetry, an online resource and community geared towards promoting empowerment through spoken word poetry. The project was developed by the producers of the nationally-lauded documentary “To Be Heard,”¬†which follows the lives of three aspiring teen slam poets as they come of age in the Bronx. The documentary is screening all across the country, and will be airing soon on PBS as well. We wish these guys luck!

Mike has been busy at work on finishing his book “Breaths & Days,” which will collect writing from 2006 to the present, as well as a photo-nook project. He also¬†recently read at Jarrod Shanahan’s and DEATH PANEL PRESS‘s Reading Series at Cage83 Gallery in Chinatown on March 13th, which was well-hydrated and fun (and featured MODULO-contributor Andy Folk as well). Thanks again to the guys at DP for hosting Mike and MODULO. You should definitely check out their site and support a beer-run insurrection near you. A PDF of the poem-cycle Mike read is available here.

Back In Business

March 20, 2012

"A New Generation" (1892), Jan Toorop.

Greetings Past, Present an Future Modulators!

After a long hiatus forced of uncertain circumstances we’ve decided to pick up the pieces and continue where we left off. In the meantime we’ve produced and printed MODULO Nr. 1, which has sold slowly but surely at places like St. Mark’s Bookstore and Spoonbill in Williamsburg, and we hope to add more locations now this Spring. Please e-mail us if you’re interested in previewing and ordering the magazine – we really tried hard to make a finished product that’s not only readable but nice to look at, too, so we promise that you’ll be pleased with your purchase! Oh and yes – we’ve also got a reading in the works for April! Right now we’re coming up with a plan to snatch back some momentum with the site and our search for material that will eventually result in MODULO Nr. 2. We really want to offer flash op-eds and book/events reviews, and if anyone is interested in helping out in this regard, again, give us a holler. We could even talk commissions (aka: $$$) for articles tendered. But the main thing is that we are back on track with our modest efforts here at MODULO, and as always we’re so indebted to those who have sought us out, those who have contributed, and of course those who will find us and contribute in the future, adding to our shared vision of a fine, heartfelt and engaged literature. E-mail for questions, comments, proposals and/or to sign up for our mailing list!

Thank you, and keep your modules squeezed for us!