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In other news…

December 19, 2010

So, first of all, happy holidays!

Ho ho ho!

Good news! Mike had a few modest sections from his poem “Of Breaths and Days” published over at NYU’s The Minetta Review, though he’s worried about the loss of formatting (…), what a loser! Also, look forward to mini-essays to appear over the holidays on such fun subjects as e-readers, contemporary painting, James Franco and the cavification of Manhattan. Stay tuned, modulators!


photo me, photo you

December 2, 2010

Call for photography! Send your light to

The New Yorker Building, NYC, 2008

Frankisches Freiland Museum, DE, 2008

"Discourse on Inclement Weather (Joke Title)," 2008

The Eagle's Nest, Bavarian Alps, 2008

“NZ,” 2007

"Ecuadorian Delegation at the Birthplace of Galo Plaza," 2009

"Schönbuch," 2008

Fireworks, Stuttgart, New Years 2009-2010

November 2, 2010

AS you all know, we here at MODULOMAG still need your submissions to make our little venture a print reality. Look for these fliers around your hippidity-hoppidity ‘hoods in Brooklyn, if you indeed live there, and maybe even around the Eugene Lang/NYU campuses.

Call for submissions

September 28, 2010

Call for Submissions!

"Ima sew yo asshole closed and keep feedin you...and feedin you...and feedin you" - Method Man

We are still looking for quality written and visual arts submissions to feature in our inaugural print issue. As of right now we’ve narrowed it down to two small presses to publish MODULOMAG through, with it being mostly a question of quality vs. quantity as the deciding factor. As we’ve said, we are looking for poetry, short fiction and essayistic prose, along with visual art. As far as online content is concerned, we would be glad to feature articles and opinion pieces, along with full color art and photography, on a rolling basis, as we have done so far. At any rate, we want to thank those of you who have taken the time and effort to submit work and take a chance on our little effort, and to become part of the adventure, for it will all pay off in the end with a finished product. We look forward to reading your work!

Please visit our submissions page for further details.


O & M

Sample issue of Modulomag

July 14, 2010

Also, we have put together a sample issue of what one might expect Modulomag to look like. It might take a second or two to download. Anyways, Adieu.


July 13, 2010


Modulo: “a small measure,” the elusive trace, the final remainder that survives the operation and what the operation, all the systems and the dividing, ends up being all about. It is that necessarily vague, impalpable property that begins and animates, deviates, destroys and redeems. It is what is human about the things we make, what lets them stand apart as themselves, and what of us is left over in them: the mark that we have made.

Our intention is to create a space for these evidences, a place where they can coexist and find a voice. We are looking for work, both textual and visual, that stands out and is uniquely itself. In order to best realize what we have in mind—that is, a platform that is updated often with new work as it comes in, on a weekly basis—Modulo exists both online as well as in print in order to circulate it as best and as widely as possible.

We want your poems, short stories, essays and other reflections. Visually, we are looking for photography, painting, collages, etc. (however, keep in mind it will be published in b&w). We accept up to 4 poems at a time, or prose no longer than 5 pages.

Please submit your work to


The Editors.